Which Anti-virus doesn't use up your cpu constantly?

Really, is there any? A buddy got a 700 dollar computer with windows 8.1 on it and its startup is painfully slow. My computer’s windows vista basic inteleron was faster. It has McCaffee Anti-virus on his brand new one and I mean brand new, it came with everything you don’t want on it pretty much. Any way I got to thinking, evey Anti-virus I have found runs the CPU up a lot. Nortan = 100% on internet startup, Avg is 60-100% on startup, McAfee bounces as well. I know they need to run in the background for protection but it slows the computer down on startup. So I was curious about why/how this works and stop it. I mean every new computer I find I look in task manager to see if something is running on startup. It’s usually the anti-virus running the CPU on max as well. I’ve fixed a lot of start-ups by using msconfig. My point I don’t like about McCaffee is that it doesn’t stop people from clicking the first 3 google ads that look like searches. So any idea of what anti-virus that doesn’t constantly try to max your computers CPU? If this is in the wrong place, please move it, thanks.

I don’t have an antivirus installed on my pc just USB so when i need it i pop it in and do a scan.

Hmm. But a lot of new computers come with an anti virus installed with a 30 day free trial. But I like that idea a lot. You should really tell people to do that.


it’s what I use, scans take like 2 minutes for me and it hardly needs any processing power from what I can tell

Any decent antivirus. Avira paired with malware bytes is still my choice

Just use malware bytes. Believe it or not, most users with any computer experience don’t actually need full time protection.

I use malware bytes but I am looking for one that would save a computer dummies computer life by telling you why you shouldn’t go to that website as it is a virus. That kind of anti-virus program that requires minimal CPU usage.

SiteAdvisor maybe?

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Also have MalwareBytes (full version, license that allows for updates is on KAT) and SuperAntiSpyware (same as MalwareBytes).
There should also be a license for Avast that allows for updates, too, but I just purchased Avast after using a pirated license for a year.

I only keep Avast running in the background though, the others are just tertiary for if something happens.

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  1. Antivirus software needs to be the first thing to load on startup. That helps prevent any malware from binding with other processes.

  2. If your PC is retail new, format the drive with a clean copy of Windows. Manufacturers install a lot of bloatware that slows things up.

  3. McAfee is so bad, even John McAfee himself says it’s a ****ty product. Look him up. Last time I looked, it doesn’t even detect some Windows XP based malware from 2002.

  4. If a fresh copy of Windows and a fresh antivirus install still leaves you with a slow PC, your PC sucks.

Make sure you’re using a 64-bit version of Windows because it’s much more secure than the 32-bit one. I personally don’t use an anti-virus because I hardly download anything. If you’re torrenting stuff all the time I’d recommend Avira.

i use Kaspersky and I love it start up isn’t noticeably slower either

I’ve actually had PC’s get the blue screen of death over McAfee. Hardest ****ing trouble shooting of my life. Took me a week to figure out what it was, and then you like are never able to get it off of your computer even with that tool they give you.

I haven’t had any issues with System Mechanics. I’ve been with them for almost 10 years now