Which is better? CD or Digital?

You have your digital gamers (me) and your physical gamers. Explain to me in your views of why you’re a digital player or a physical player.

The only reason I download my games is because, I think that if you have the game installed to your HDD, it loads faster. You also don’t have to worry about scratches nor getting your game eaten up by the drive.

State your opinions of CD’s and digital copies.

Physical all day. Gotta be able to resell homie.

Physical for the reason I just like collecting the disc and being able to trade for other games with friends/ resell.

Alright, good point.

I honestly don’t see me doing it any other way.
#1 reason: You have the resale factor that you don’t have digitally.
#2: I can share my games out with ANYONE.
#3: Having a huge stack of games next to my console just looks awesome.

I don’t mind. Digital because I don’t like switching discs to play a different game but physical because you can resell.

Alright guys, that’s all I needed. And something to add in: When you lose your password to your account or your account gets stolen, you still have your games.

I asked you guys because I was trying to figure out if I wanted to keep the extra game or not.


#1 I don’t have somewhere that actually sells games. So I’d rather have them on midnight or the day of release. Our postal service is horrible in the Highlands.

#2 easily change between games

#3 I really don’t have space for all the discs and cases. I have all my 360 games under my table but I may have to give them to my brother. Girlfriend problems.

#4 don’t have to worry about scratches or damaging the disk

#5 guess it goes with #1 but I can’t trade physical games in anywhere.

#6 I have fibre optic so I can’t complain about how fast I can get games downloaded.

I have The Watcher 3 collectors edition ordered. And I ordered Destiny limited edition, I will order physical if I want the special editions.

I do miss the smell of opening up a new game though

The biggest reason I download games is that:

  1. There are faster loading times
  2. I save gas
  3. If my disc drive messes up, I don’t have to worry about it. I Barely use the disc drive anyway.

But I think that I’m gonna keep the game instead of returning.

Digital all the way.
-I never sell games back since it never is worth it.
-I have owned an X1 since day 1, and I have never used the disc drive.
-Limited Editions are now being offered through digital.
–Pre-order bonuses are also being digitally offered.
-Don’t care about cases, as they just take up space.
-I do the Home Xbox sharing, so I share the games I buy with a friend of mine, and they do the same for me.
–can’t do that with physical versions.
-Easier to switch between games.
-No worries about losing a disc or having it damaged.
-Using Bing Rewards to help lower (or completely reduce) the cost of games by using a bot, and then buying the game with those microsoft gift cards.
–Games are practically free then if done right.

Physical, if I don’t like the game I can sell it.

I only go digital if its something I know ima keep forever so Halo everything else is physical so I can resell.

Lately with the one I’ve been loving the digitals; just pin them and have an arsenal of games available to be played at any time - but at the same time, my game rack is looking disgustingly empty. I can definitely see reasons why you would do both but for the time being I’ll stick with digital; primarily due to my laziness but I also enjoy being able to predownload the games.