Which One Will Be Cheaper? Need Advice For Computer Parts

I’m trying to get a computer part for my computer that haves i3 dual core processor and 4GB RAM. I wanted to know what will benefit me for I want the computer for I want to use it for.

WHAT I USE MY COMPUTER FOR: I used to design for big YouTuber’s (EX:OpTic, Darth, ETC) and I recorded my gameplay with my Elgato but I traded for a HD PVR 2 because my laptop word lag and mess up my footage.

Would it be cheaper to get a low priced bundled with an i5 processor and 8gb ram or will it be cheaper to buy the parts separate?

I’d get a new processor ATLEAST . Depends on your budget

I didn’t know the fact that you designed for OpTic was really relevant, but you felt in need to point it out as if it makes you cool or something? Well it doesn’t. And regardless of what you used to do, we need to know what you do now.

On topic: I would just get a new computer altogether. And don’t make the mistake of getting an HP again.

HP is a good company. I don’t know what issue you have with them. Anyways most laptops are proprietary, so while you might be able to change out the CPU occasionally, you are still limited. I’d say to just build a desktop since your main complaint was lag. A desktop will offer more power for your money and depending on how much you want to spend, it can easily be much stronger than your current set up.

Also something to notice: While there is the normal i5 processor that you see in the store, there are actually many types when you are buying them separately. You also should be looking at RAM speed since you mentioned that and not just the RAM capacity. As for which is cheaper, I can’t say as I am not looking at what you are being tempted to buy.