While modding to Unlock Livery's in Forza 4, these messages popped up

I have no idea what these mean. Do you?

P.S - And the vinyls aren’t unlocked :expressionless:

Click ok and save then go to the car go to paint and click add decals start then save to catalog then badabing :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you running the program as admin?

What does this mod tool do?

@ Decal - What? ._. english and proper grammar pl0x :smiley:

@ GATOR - Trying it after I do Decal’s method

@ Gengar - In Forza 4, you are able to save a design you’ve made on a car and upload for everyone else to enjoy. The lock them so no one can upload it and make money off your design. This tool helps Diamond members make more money by unlocking the designs so we can upload them ourselves and make more money

EDIT: These messages only pop up on a couple livery’s though

Semi - Bump :troll:

Decals method didn’t work

Neither did GATOR’s


Delete and re-download Horizon, Then Run as Admin.

If that works, when you get into forza the designs will say its locked but its not, Just add them to a car and edit/save. :smiley:

It is an error with the coding. An error was encountered.
Get that error again and PM Him with the info it contains.
He’ll fix it Asap.

I PM’d unknown xD

It’s still happening. I mean wtf >:L

I am getting the same message. I already tried deleting horizon and re-installing, did not help.

Give Unknown time to fix it

I found out how to make it work but that message pops up with some vinyls. Unknown will fix it. I had to delete my favorite license plate >:L and my JDM hand >:L lol

I still carnt get these designs to unlock?

They won’t show as being unlocked. The designs I have no clue how to actually get them to be editable but unlock all your vinyl groups, then put it on a car. It should be unlocked. Save it and you should be good. Make sure you hit Unlock then click the save button to the right for EACH one. Unknown needs an “Unlock All” button xD

Got it to work thanks buddy!

same here

Awesome! As a Forza content creator I’m super thrilled my hard work is bringing some happiness to you fine folks. After all, that’s why I do it :thumbsup: