Who is banned from MW3?


They started a ban wave and they aren’t only looking for stats. I have 100% legit stats and I was banned for setting my clan tag to F***. They don’t tell you that you’re banned though.
It says “Connection with the Xbox Live server has been interrupted” or something like that.

So anyone with a modded GPD, fix it now before they catch you.

daaammmm that sucks for you LMAO

what kind of ban was it, will you be able to play it on another account?

I don’t know. I will go check now.

I don’t mind though since I got it for free and I absolutely hate the game.

in that case, give it to me : ))))))))))))))))))

Is your Xbox flashed? If not this disc is useless to you.

ahhhh dam no … what a bad one -__-

Are they getting you for playing early or something? Cause i though it was for boosting :expressionless:

And i LOVE this game, Black Ops made me stop playing CoD but this game is the bees knees

Didnt this get posted here?: https://www.wemod.com/forum/96-modern-warfare-3/82858-first-round-mw3-bans-going-out.html
or are you asking if we got banned? :smiley:

I didn’t mod at all, nothing. Yet I was getting that error message on and off(I think it stopped, hopefully.). :expressionless:

That doesn’t mean you are banned. When you get ban it tells you directly you are banned and for how long.

Oh damn really? Well I just went on Horizon Modder and it can connect to Live just fine.
I’ll try some more then.
Thanks for the info Chris

Probably just the servers being ****. Don’t worry.

I was idling and I got a “Disconnected from CoD MW3 servers” or something stupid.
Pretty sure it’s just a server error. But… hey, modding a gpd is modding and tampering witrh xbox console - which is a ban.

And how would you know you didn’t get banned for using a flashed xbox/copy? O_o

i dont think that ur banned

No biggie…just sell the POS game and buy something else.

Trav your an idiot… You’re just looking for attention (your not banned

Old one:

New One:

Fixed it for you =]


Fixed it for you :smile:

Thanks lol

I doubt a lot will be banned that quick.