Who wants to rock badges?

So I made some badges…

Notice: There seems to be a transparency issue, for some reason no matter if the image is transparent the site adds a white background. I do not know how to fix this at all, so please do not ask me, Steve Wonda helped me out with my avatar (Please do not bother him with question asking to fix your avatar unless he wants to!)

Important: I think if you upload them at the maximum size for each member status they will stay transparent, it seems when the site resizes them it takes away the transparency for some reason. Also, if you crop them down some and reduce the extra transparent area the badges will be larger. -Steve Wonda

Open Me

Want another badge added to the list? Request by posting what you want it to say and also the color!

*Note: For some of you members you might need to resize them down to 200 x 200.


Okay will change it now.

An oldtimer badge same as the diamond

Oh wow, I’m stupid and I didn’t see the Member one…oooops

Just updated the post with an “Old Timer” badge and the new color scheme for the “Member” badge.

…I was just waiting for the thread to be created!

But seriously, they look very nice and, like I said, I was just waiting for you to create the thread.
Thanks for sharing!

Great work on these n i c k!

I just ran some tests and think I figured out why they don’t stay transparent. If you manually resize them to your allowed maximum size with Photshop before uploading to Imgur or directly to the site from your computer they should work fine. In my case it needed to be 150x150px, the only way I got it to stay transparent was by resizing it to those dimensions before uploading.

Nice work, if i didn’t enjoy my ban hammer I’d be switching lol

Well let’s be honest there is nothing better than Mario with a ban hammer :laughing:

Style is clean and nice and not a total mess. Great job, again! :smile:
You should also make a badge for Epic members.

I made you a custom gif with both Old Timer and Diamond badges in one.
If you just copy image location and use it like that it will stay transparent or you can upload it yourself.

Edit. Or this version. I cropped them out so that the badges are as close to 120px tall as possible

If you’re having issues with transparency, just use #eeeeee as your background color. I did it with my avatar.

Liking these! gonna change mine now