Why are Sliders Behind Paywall?

I remember that it didnt use to be this way.

This is not making me confident especially considering the voting system means that less popular indie games wont ever get made.

Sliders were never supposed to be a free. We accidentally released them as a free feature and decided to wait until the next major update to change them over. All cheats can still be activated using the hotkey.

I don’t have an issue with the sliders being a premium feature, they’re not really necessary.

However, if the sliders are set to something too limited by default (ie, a cheat to add $5 instead of $1,000 dollars), simply change the hotkey to, for example, one of the arrow keys temporarily, tape that key down with some sticky tape then go and make yourself a cup of tea. By the time you’ve come back to the PC you have millions of cash, lol. (Might want to disable the sound effects for activating cheats first, it might get a tad loud).