Why cant some games get cheats even when they don't have multiplayer?

Just wondering why some games don’t get cheats even though they don’t have multiplayer at all. An example would be Space Haven. When searched for on WeMod, it says it does not support the game due to its multiplayer nature or its technical when dealing with it. It is indeed in Alpha but I’ve seen other games here get cheats before that were also in alpha. Just got me thinking is all.

Hello there. :slight_smile:

Other than being a multiplayer game, other reasons for cheats not being possible are:

  • The way the game was developed makes it impossible for trainer to inject into the game.
  • The game is a Java game. (Every time the game is launched, the memory addresses that trainers need to inject into randomly change).
  • The game is a VR-only game. WeMod currently doesn’t create VR trainers.
  • The game has anti-cheat which nobody has managed to bypass.
  • The developer is one of those rare types who bans people for cheating in offline single player games or their ToU (rarely) state you’ll be banned for cheating in single player.
  • The game developer is one of those rare types who issues cheat developers legal notices to remove trainers, similar to the above point.

In this case (Space Haven), it appears to be point 2, the game was developed with Java.

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