Why does anyone use WinForms?

I’ve been messing around with WPF and the possibilities in regards to UI design are leaps and bounds ahead of WinForms. Why does WinForms even still exist?!

It’s like everything you could ever want to do in WinForms, you can do in WPF no problem.

Well, a good WPF UI requires a lot of effort. Quite frankly, most people on here are just “learning” how to write programs and they don’t have that will power or work ethic when they start programming. Almost everyone on here probably started programming with Visual Basic and Windows Forms, and that is just how it has been (I was a terrible programmer for a few years myself, but I finally settled with PHP).

Mmm, I don’t know… I don’t think it’s takes a lot of effort. In fact, I wish that I had skipped WinForms and started with WPF because it’s SO much easier to do design your program exactly as you want it.

I use WinForms because I don’t really care how the program looks (not a jumbled mess though) as long as it does what it’s supposed to do and has a easy to use interface.

There are other reasons why a developer would use WPF besides a pretty UI. For example, WPF uses DirectX instead of GDI+ to render graphics which means with WPF, the GPU handles graphics whereas with WinForms, the CPU handles graphics. The GPU is specifically designed to render graphics so generally, you get better performance with WPF (there is more to this than what I’ve briefly explained). Also, you can use WPF to make a UI’s for both Windows and web applications. And most importantly (in my opinion), the data binding in WPF is far superior.

If you wanna learn more about the advantages of WPF compared to WinForms, I suggest watching this video.

I don’t like either. Drag and drop programming makes me feel lazy so I get no satisfaction.

[QUOTE=TcTheBear;1409247]I don’t like either. Drag and drop programming makes me feel lazy so I get no satisfaction.[/QUOT]
Drag and drop [S]programming[/S] UI designing… Really? Programmatically designing controls is extremely easy and do-able, it just is tedious. The satisfaction, in my opinion, comes from programming the functions of these controls and making it all come together.

Managed languages take out all the fun nitty gritty stuff.

the other side is wpf using .net framwork 3.5+ ,but winform can just use 2.0 ver.