Why does my command prompt keep opening then closing?

my cmd keeps randomly opening and then closes about a 1 second later, they are not open long enough to read what it said. it has happened 5 times already. i happened to screen shot one of them because it was up for for about 5 seconds. why does it keep doing this? do i have a virus? i am running Norton Anti-Virus and it has not found anything yet

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does it happen when you do something on your pc?

Like it says files moved. Did you move a file?

i was just watching a youtube video and it popped up. i didnt move or copy a file

Take a look at task manager and see if there are any suspicious files that may be causing this issue.

Well this is popping up because something is executing a command in cmd. It could be a virus or it could just be something like a backup program that for some reason is showing you debug information. Either way if it’s copying files you should get something like Malware Bytes to do a proper check of your computer. Norton is complete poo.

i noticed a window had opened “HP Support Assistant Installer” and i click on it and nothing happens and if i highlight it and it shows some little icons are on my desktop. do you think that is it?

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how do i open task manager

Right click on the bottom and then click task manager

Or use windows key +r then type taskmgr

Just to add to this, you can also press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

yea i went to take manager and nothing looked suspicious. so i just went back to you tube and it popped up again for 2 seconds and managed to screen cap it and is this from task manager?

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It says Taskkill.exe…Go get rid of that maybe…

Yeah, I think everyone who owns a pc know that… :laughing:

The two screenshotted ones are different.

The first I have no idea about but the second is taskkill.exe which is used by Windows to kill tasks. It is harmless and only opened because you used task manager.

More info here: taskkill.exe - What is taskkill.exe?

Download malware bytes and scan, post results here.

Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download

I can only do minimal research from my phone but judging by the site linked by DJ, it said it might be from registry issues.

I’d suggest running CCleaner.
The HP programs seem unrelated but I highly suggest you try to remove all that bloatware

do i have a virus? i am running Norton Anti-Virus and it has not found anything yet

Found your problem. Norton is sh*t.

Get MalwareBytes please. It will find anything and everything wrong on your machine. xoxo

Let me add, while I love Malwarebytes, I am not sure why everyone is suggesting it. There are others that have active protection that are free. I believe AVG does, and Avira might. (I forgot because I don’t use antivirus) Malwarebytes only scans.
Malwarebytes won’t “find everything”. The only antivirus I’d put a nearly guaranteed safety on is ESET, any malicious programs undetected by ESET would have to be brand new or crypted damn well. You of course have to pay for it though.

But for what MalwareBytes does for its cost (free), it does a good job. AVG isn’t as good anymore. It was better before they were bought out. :smile:

looks like a rat to me :wink:

I was going to ask why but I never actually looked at the pictures he posted on my phone…

Yeah um you should probably stop using your computer. Boot it into safe mode asap.
You’d better hope you don’t have any important documents on your computer because someone somewhere probably has it now.
You need to take a screenshot of all the tasks running on your computer.

What have you downloaded recently?

i dont
nothing except acouple of songs i downloaded yesterday

task manager

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And when did the issue start?