Why is click the mods on and off with my mouse a paid feature?

I personally prefer clicking the cheats then alt-tabbing back into my games compared to pressing hotkeys. It doesn’t seem like a feature that’s needed to be locked behind a paywall. It’s like inconveniencing your users for long enough until they pay. I’d rather CheatEngine or even make my own trainer. While it won’t be as clean it will still have mouse support.

I’m sure you guys can come up with actual features and benefits to put for the Pro version instead of disabling mouse clicking.

Isn’t it a benefit?

Interactive controls were never meant to be free. They came with V3 and we forgot to make them Pro only. We waited until v5 was released to make them Pro only. We currently make no money from free members as we don’t have ads on the site or in the app, we don’t use bundled installers, sell your data, etc. We have to give Pro members benefits and features that normal users don’t get. Pro isn’t just about getting those extra features. We have a lot of people that go Pro just to support us and what we are doing. Hundreds of hours of work go into WeMod every week between Frank, Zach, STN, Stingger, Reppin, backend devs, the tester group, the video production team, mods, users that help respond to support questions, and of course myself.

While this may be an option for you a lot of people don’t know how to use cheat engine or don’t want to spend the time finding tables that work.

Isn’t this a feature or benefit if you want it? If it was neither there would be no reason to use it over hotkeys.

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Good points @Chris, and very much on target. WeMod has no ads, no spyware, and given the amount of effort that goes into the project, the Pro version is a logical way of obtaining income. Those who purchase a Pro membership help support the team and in turn, gain certain perks.

I see it as an investment. Yes, there are tools out there like Cheat Engine, but they have a learning curve, and require the time to find the correct tables. I’ve used for a couple of games WeMod doesn’t yet support, and for me, it just isn’t worth the effort. For the more casual gamer, WeMod is the best choice hands down. It is always evolving, adding new games and features.

Going Pro simply adds convenience. In order to maintain WeMod’s high standard of quality, it requires income. Trainers are constantly being updated every time there is a patch, and that takes time and effort. A Pro membership simply provides a form of compensation.

I realize the lack of certain features and changes in the new free version may irritate some users. It really comes down to asking one’s self: “Is a Pro membership worth it for me”? If yes, consider it an investment. If no, then there are other options such as Cheat Engine, or creating one’s own trainer if they have the knowledge and skill.

Personally, it is just as much about the community as it is the software. @Chris, @Zach, @STN, (and many others) have always been very helpful, responsive, and receptive to reasonable suggestions and recommendations. Most users are very friendly and helpful, there is a genuine sense of unity, as well as friendship among members. Supporting WeMod isn’t just supporting the tool, it is supporting the team and the community.


So, what was that about no ads?

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