Why is my IPtorrents site looking like this?

When I go on on my phone or iPad it shows it perfectly fine. But on my PC it looks like this.

Open Me

Cleared cache?

No, I don’t know how haha

If you’re using chrome just enter this into the url bar chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

It didn’t work. It is still the same.

Mine seems to be working as normal.

Are you using the .com site or .ru? (if this even matters…)

I have to use .us cause .com and .eu are blocked.

Even on a VPN?

I can’t seem to log in with a VPN. Was trying Hidemya$$.com

I use CyberGhost. I think hidemya$$ is free right? CyberGhost isn’t free but they are cheap, I only pay $6.99 a month for mine and that gives me access to 5 devices to have IP protection. I find them very reliable personally, other may say different though.

The site is working for me.

Use zenmate in google chrome its a VPN but comes as an extension for google chrome.

Thanks. My iPad does it now and whenever I use a vpn it works fine. Just seems to be when I go onto my computer or iPad it comes up white

set it to google’s public dns and it should get rid of that kind of thing it’s what i had to do for torrentday.