Why the hell is the 20$ Collector's edition Upgrade pack not coming out on 360?

It came out for the PS3, PS4, XBONE Then why is Bungie not going to release it on the 360? I don’t find it fair to be honest, I want the new emotes and shaders and stuff but i can only get it when i buy the CE for 80$ that includes stuff i already have?

I could honestly not tell you why…maybe Bungie/Microsoft are working through some things so they can do so or maybe the console can’t support the pack? (Even though it’s just extra stuff that’s similar to things already featured in the game.)

It was noted in the Help forums by Bungie

• The Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade is not available for the Xbox 360. Players who wish to obtain items from the Digital Collector’s Edition will need to purchase the Digital Collector’s Edition.

There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be available.

****ing ******ed.

edit: anger

Well, I’m glad I upgraded to the Xbox One and purchased the Collector’s Edition of TTK…

You guys will have to upgrade eventually…

Is this just a regular dlc? Sry, just got destiney yesterdayyy :anguished:

I haven’t played the Taken King DLC yet myself but from what I understand, it’s just like your regular DLC that adds extra missions, levels, weapons, and a new boss etc… But by looking at the reviews and feedback, it’s DLC like no other: it adds a lot!!

Glad I upgraded. I would be pissed.

I could upgrade to Xbox One, but:

  1. I’d rather start my Next-Gen Destiny experience on PS4, so next Christmas probably…
  2. All of my Destiny friends play Xbox 360.
    It’s really unfair though that they only left out Xbox 360. Hopefully this is temporary. Those emotes are really cool!

They should stop making content for the older systems. There’s loads of old games too choose from, stop holding game devs back. The Xbox 360/PS3 came out 7+ years ago, stop being peasants.

Well I guess this solves my waiting problem.

I’m not dropping $400 on a xbox one just so I can have emotes that the 360 doesn’t have. Especially when my PC has far stronger components than the x1… there’s literally no point. Most of my friends that have bought a x1 don’t even play the game on x1 because we all still play 360. They ended up buying two copies of the game so they would have people to play with. Glad that isn’t me.

last-gen peasant.

I agree, the XB1 and 360 versional have marginal differences, but that’s because Bungie are trying to cater for both crowds. You can see they don’t want to upset old gen people, so they continue to develop for the older systems. Both the 360 and PS3 have been pushed to the ragged edge of what they can do, but technology and development has surpassed the capabilities of the hardware.

If you look into the developer interviews of the game, one of the environment devs said they wanted to make the earth map 4x larger without loading zones, but the old gen hardware couldn’t do this, so to make everyone happy, they scaled it down.

Secondly, as a PC gamer, I agree it should be on PC. Blame money, licensing and publishers for this.

Lastly, your friends have both consoles and two copies of the game? Are they ******ed? Why would you play on the inferior copy?

BTW can anyone help me getting strange coins?

Just do nightfall on 3 different characters. Scrub.

Maybe i don’t have enough money to upgrade? Not everyone can pay 400$ for an XB1 or a PS4, People have priorities, i live with my parents (I’m only 15 Y.O) my dad has to pay rent for the shop my mom has open, we have to pay for my education and a lot of other stuff, Don’t just call people peasants for not being able to upgrade, Even if its a joke i don’t find it humorous at all.

Mow some lawns, get a summer job.

This kinda logic, you’d want new games for an N64.

I Can’t get a job if i’m under 18 here where i live, Bungie could have easily quit developing destiny for last-gen but Activision wanted to maximize profits, Blame Activision.