Wifi booster help!

yes hi I am thinking about buying a wifi booster bc my internet is very slow and I want to know what a wifi booster does does it make my wifi faster or what :sunglasses::D=:thumbsup:

First off what is your upload and download speed? A wifi booster won’t increase these numbers, it simply increases the range of your wifi throughout your house

If you’re unsure how to test your speed, go here http://www.speedtest.net/

You can’t get faster wifi internet without buying better internet from the provider. How many times do people need to tell you this?

Yes, the connection is a huge factor when it comes to overall speed, but my point was that you cant get more than you are paying for.

I have my router by my window, so i can use both Ethernet cables and wifi without any problem.
But i did have to put a shirt on it to cover up those damn led thingys in there that keeps on annoying me slightly.

Not true depending on the situation.

A wifi booster is a general term that can refer to a new antenna to increase range. A repeater works by you placing it near an area of your residence that is receiving a low wifi signal. It will help increase the range of your wifi so that your signal then is stronger. If you are experiencing actual speed issues when your wifi has max bars however, there are one of two things that is the issue:

  1. You haven’t purchased a quick enough speed from your ISP. The way your speeds work is that you buy the said speed they offer, but usually you will only experience a fraction of that. For example, I own a 50 megabit connection for my download speeds but I only get around 5 megabytes/s (40megabits) in reality. This is due to ISP’s setting a “minimum” speed you are able to receive despite paying for a speed higher than you are getting. If you want a quicker speed you may have to purchase more.

  2. If your speeds are slower than they should be however, you may contact your ISP and have them “refresh” your connection or troubleshoot to see why you are not getting the speeds you should. A good way to check to see your bandwidth speed is to go to www.speedtest.net and run the test and compare to what you are paying for. If you are buying for ten megabytes but only running five in the speed test, you should contact them.

Follow the instructions that the people above me are giving you, but there is one thing that I should add, when going to speedtest.net, make sure that whatever is testing your speed, such as a pc or laptop, is hooked up directly to the modem to find out what your actual download/upload/ping is, as conducting a test through the router doesnt tell you what your full download/upload/ping is.

I think you mean 50megabits. 50 megabits is like 6 megabytes which is what you should get. Google fiber is 1000 megabits you are saying you have basically 2/5 that at 50 megabytes.

Yes you are correct. My bad, will update to fix it :smile:.

my internet speed is 10 but if say there is 3 computers on in my home that 10 gets shared with all 3 computers so it comes to like 3 pre computer and that’s not even counting my xbox even my downloads are slow and the sadest part is I cant leave this into may :l

There is nothing you can do that will speed up your internet connection then. If you were having connection issued due to being far away from your WiFi router then you could add a repeater but since your ISP only gives you 10 mb/s down then it wont really matter. I’m sure your computers are new enough to be able to handle only 10 down anyway.

You could try and limit when all three machines are using the internet and go from there.

its not my computer my computer is a all in one computer from hp its just my internet I use is dsl and dsl sucks I need to get cable back

We know that… That is why there is nothing you can do unless you contact your ISP.