Wifi Error

Why’s my wifi went crazy I mean it can’t detect the wifi signal and it went on and off after I start the Wemod for Horizon Zero Dawn Steam version?
I keep disconnecting and reconnecting to my wifi since then.
My wifi is fine, I can use it on any other devices just fine without any issues it just this laptop that I use to play with Wemod installed have that issue. I haven’t even played the game I just start the Wemod and right away after Wemod opens my wifi disconnecting and reconnecting like crazy when it connected the status is always “Identifying for access”.
I don’t know what’s wrong I thought this trainer is safe and harmless to my system but turns out it’s not.

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Sorry to hear of this issue you are having. However, WeMod cannot cause this.

WeMod works by injecting cheats into memory addresses in your PC’s RAM while a game is running from them. It does not have the ability to affect third-party hardware devices like a router. WeMod uses your WiFi once - to download a trainer onto your PC the first time you use it. And then that’s it.

Your issue is likely caused by a security program on your PC or on your WiFi network which is interfering with WeMod. Follow the instructions in this thread: I can’t Install WeMod / “There was a error installing the application” - WeMod App / Support (the title is different to your issue but the steps are the same).

Other possibilities are:

  • Your WiFi plan has a data limit, which has been reached or is near being reached.
  • Your ISP has throttled your connection because you are using your WiFi in a way that they deem to be unfair and excessive (they have the right to do this and do not need to inform you they have done so - it’s in the small-print of your contract).
  • Your laptop’s wireless receiver/driver is damaged (easily done by dropping the laptop), corrupted or in need of an upgrade.
  • Your laptop lacks the system resources to run the game smoothly alongside all the other processes on your machine.
  • Your laptop is infected with a virus, malware or crypto miner, especially if you get your games from pirating or dodgy download sites. You cannot get either of these from WeMod.

WeMod is the most popular provider of trainers and has an active user-base of millions. It is rated “Excellent” on Trust Pilot. Nobody else out of our millions of users has reported this issue before - it would be the sort of thing there would be dozens of reports an hour for if it was an issue at WeMod’s end. So please do refrain from jumping to the incorrect conclusion by trying to accuse WeMod of being unsafe - we do not appreciate that at all and the third-party statistical facts that are available to everyone online do not agree with you.