Will gamestop take rockband stuff?

so im going to trade all my games in and wanted to get rid of my beetles rockband stuff and was wondering if gamestop will take that stuff?

Yes but they wont give you very much for it.

how much you think theyd give me? and does that 50% trade in bonus count towards it you think?

Like the guitar, drums, etc?
Cause they dont take those, I tried trading in my aerosmith guitar and game, they said they couldnt take the guitar and they would give me 10 cents for the game.

yeah those things. they sell used ones online though?

Nope, they won’t accept them.
It is because Rock Band doesn’t make stuff anymore since they went bankrupt.
They don’t even sell instruments at GS because of that.
I even asked the cashier.
I was like wtf.

You may get up to 10$ for it…

okay. mods can close

They sell what they have now, eventually all the used ones will be gone. My advice, sell it on craigslist. After gamestop told me that I went to craigslist and sold it the next day for $30

I see you’ve got your answer but I recommend not doing it…

Selling it online you will get much more money, gamestop will probably give you something like £15 for it all…

i just wanted to sell everything then just buy an hd pvr at gamestop with the store credit since thats like only thing id ever buy from there haha