Will the Avatar Award unlocker get you banned?

I was wondering if the Avatar Award Unlocker in the future Horizon update can get you banned? I know it didn’t come out yet but I’m just curious.

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Nope. It won’t ban you! Same as unlocking achievements.

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Anything to do with modding increases your chances of getting banned.

But most likely not. :wink:

Edit: I was a little late. Cheater912 knows more than me obviously, I mean it’s his tool right!

BUTTT any mod can get you banned

You heard it here first folks.


It depends on if you are interested in it enough to try it.
If you never try it, no you won’t get banned for it.
If you do try it, there is a chance. Any mod can get you banned.

If you mod too many. I don’t think MS checks the awards. There’s not even 300 of them.

So you can get it reset or even taken away?

Funny how i got just GS reset

Anything doing with cheating on the Xbox can turn out as a suspend or ban.

Even avatar award unlocker or other sorts of mods.

It all depends on the hardcore the mod is,The mod’s popularity, of the mod,And also of your account catches attention.

Use Le Fluffie wasn’t a good idea, huh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny how i used Le Fuffle… **** it.

lol i modded my gs quite a long ass time ago and i just got recent recently wtf … screw u original profile editor

Haha why would you get banned to little of unlocks I think…

Well if it is similar to unlocking achievements, getting caught the first time will result in a reset. Anything after that is a permabanned. My previous account was banned for modding achievements after I was reset.

OMG I love you for that info.
I have a friend who always mods his achievements, he just got reset and then he through on Black Ops and modded it too 7000 the day he got reset. I actually hope he gets banned right before Black Ops.

I hope not their are only a few avatar awards I want=\

Took the words out of my mouth. ive used it before and im good :smiley:

I think he is saying “Don’t abuse the mods, or it COULD result in a ban. Mod it every so often looks legit.”