Will their be a trainer for rune factory 4 special

I guess am just really curious about the trainer for Rune factory 4 special. I figured this game was popular so am surprised to not see it in queue to be made at some point into a trainer

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Trainers are made or updated based on the order of the game’s current popularity in the entire WeMod community.
This game hasn’t even been released for more than a week yet and only has 192 Steam reviews at the time of posting. There are far more popular games out there which need to be prioritised as per democratic community demand - AAA games for example, a category which this aforementioned game doesn’t fall into. In time a trainer could be possible if the game is popular enough in our community to be economically viable. :slight_smile:

I’ll quote a post from elsewhere below to help you to see how you can speed up a trainer’s development.

Yes I see now Thanks for info

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