Will using any of the Horizon features get me banned?

Hi there,

I used a different program from Horizon to mod my achievements, and…

I got reset.

Will Horizon get me reset if I use its profile mods or game editors?



Just depends if you over mod everything dont go mod crazy

yes. Pretty much every tool that effects multiplayer / leaderboards will get you a nice ban. The program doesnt change **** all. Lol

Modding anything with anything will possibly get you banned.

Horizon will not get you reset or banned, how you use it will. Just watch what you mod, and always assume there may be consequences.

So why does Horizon have an achievement unlocker if it just gets you banned?

So what is the best method of modding gamerscore but still being safe from banning?


Because modding always has risks, and you assume that when you use it.

Edit: Only mod offline achievements, and only do a few.

Ah okay, I understand now.

Thank you Obi-wan.

Don’t go over 100k then you will be ok =D

Stick to around 70k or something xD

I modded mine to 20k, I am pretty sure it was a jealous friend who reported me. Plus living in a small country doesn’t help either…

whatever you mod there is always a chance of getting banned.

The program won’t get you banned, how stupidly you choose to mod and how obvious you make it will get you banned.

There’s always a risk of getting banned by doing any kind of modding.

So if I mod 4 achievement offline and not every day I’m good right

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