Will you get Banned for Modding Crown like 10 years?

do you think they will banned you for modding your crown and milestone? Please let me know And do you think they will fix the reach editor or just leave it alone?

i did and nothing happened to me

Well, You Can get banned for any type of modding So Yes, Especcialy the fact that you cant have a 10 Year account so if a member of the Xbox LIVE Enforcement Team decided to take a closer look at your profile and sees it then yes, you’ll be banned

Will i be consoled banned or just Account banned?

Depends On How many times you’ve been banned and other things. For this i’d say an account ban, but you never know

Really did you mod your crown?

Nope, my xbox is Broken

I don’t get why people want to mod that data… So it looks like you’ve been a member of Live for longer than you really have. So what? It’s not like you get anything special for it.

But that’s my opinion. Someone may like it for whatever reason. I (personally) just don’t see any reason for it.

When i recover my account it goes back to normal so would they beable to see it?

there really is no point to it. I agree with you 100% but I did it anyways :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Lets Take a vote how many people thing that you will get console banned and how many people think you will get account banned

add a poll :thumbsup:

Doubt It,BUT Someone Can Ban You If They A Mod Looks At You’re Real Stats.


add poll please and thank you

Well when i Recover My Account it Goes away so is it really there or is it just a little glitch mod?

Mod it, sync it, then use a different GamerTag to view your gamer profile through the dashboard. You should see what everyone else is seeing.

only reason - show off your 1337 to yer friends.

I personally believe that i avoided getting banned cause i’ve been a repeat customer of theirs :stuck_out_tongue: how could they miss me modding like several times in ways where i don’t even try to hide it and they just look over it o_O

Account ban or only reset, and all type of modding, cheating or exploiting can result to a ban.