Win A Powerful Green Laser!

Lolvo’s Epic Laser Giveaway


[u][/u]All entrants must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible to win[b][/b]

If you will not provide proof of age, a new winner will be chosen until the qualifications are met


I wanted to give the community a type of giveaway that has never been done before. While they are all great, most giveaways here come in the form of 1-month Diamond subscriptions, or 1-month Xbox Live subscriptions. Hopefully this will get some excitement out of the community, and a little more involvement.

Today I am holding a giveaway for one of my personal lasers; my collection has grown, and rather than selling this laser, I felt it more appropriate to give away to the XboxMB community. It is a great piece for someone either new to higher class lasers, or as a first laser for someone. With that in mind, I’m hoping this giveaway will give the winner an interest in the hobby.

The laser I am giving away is a Sci-Fi Lasers Compact Green (SFCG) model. This particular model was tested by a LaserBee LPM (Laser Power Meter), and includes an introduction paper stating duty cycle, power, and warnings.

A few attributes of this laser:

  • LPM’d @120mW, with 109mW average (stock models are rated at 100mW)
  • Tail attached lanyard for secure handling
  • 1/1 Duty Cycle
  • Focusable Lens
  • Customholographic FDA-compliant warning labels; custom glow in the dark aperture warning label
  • Runs on 1x18650 battery
  • Capable of burning or igniting dark materials

This particular laser kit, with custom decals and modifications, is a $70 value - and is being given away to this community at no charge! I have included all photos inside the spoiler to conserve reading space…please take the time to check them out and see this awesome laser. The photos were taken by my Samsung GSIII; photos taken on nearly any camera do not show the true visibility of lasers. The beam of this laser is visible in daylight, indoors (and of course in dark rooms or at night, it really shines).

Picture Time!

The winner will receive this shipped to them:

A look at the host in its entirety with labels:

Fits in your hand nicely:

Exposure warning label; this glows in the dark after being in direct light:

Custom holographic FDA-compliant warning labels; there is one on each side, they indicate wavelength (color), power (120mW), and laser class (IIIb):

A look at the tail end of the host:

Top of the host:

Laser on in lit room:

Laser in dark room:

Laser in between two of my other powerful 445 lasers:


The dot of the laser at ~100ft (outside, night):

Comparison of this laser (left) and my 450mW 532nm (right):

The UltraFire 18650 battery:

The full package:

Introduction paper with LPM graph and consumer information:

The Collection:

Username verification:


This is not your average laser pointer that you use in the office or find in stores, this laser is dangerous and can do immediate damage to the eyes of both humans and animals if used incorrectly. Laser Safety is important and must be kept in mind when enjoying lasers; please use common sense and abide by these simple habits:

  • Never look directly at the dot
  • When using powerful lasers indoors, appropriate safety goggles must be used by every person in the room
  • Never point the laser at anyone, including animals
  • Be mindful of where you point the laser, the beam can reflect off some surfaces, shining in many different angles
  • Always use peripheral vision when enjoying lasers
  • Never point the laser in occupied airspace or at any air traffic (this is a FELONY and can cause interference in aircraft data management systems)
  • Use COMMON SENSE! Do not be stupid with these, you only have one set of eyes!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be aware of and act accordingly with smart laser safety. You will see (or not see) the importance of laser safety if you do not treat them with respect. Please read up and research on laser safety before even considering touching lasers of this class. You can find more information and helpful answers on laser safety and other laser topics here.

Lastly, here are the details and requirements of the giveaway.

This giveaway will last 3 weeks, ending on 6/24/13. There is a minimum for both post and thanks, which most members have already hit.

[u][/u]All entrants must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible to win[b][/b]

If you will not provide proof of age, a new winner will be chosen until the qualifications are met

I will require verification of age, as well as basic laser safety understanding upon notifying the winner before the item is shipped. If you own any type of cell phone with a camera or use email, verification can be done, do not tell me you “cannot” provide proof. This is to eliminate the misuse of the laser and the accompanying legalities with operating a laser of this class. This may eliminate a decent number of entrants, I apologize (most of you ****s are young) - However, the liability would fall on me if someone underage were to misuse this device. If you would like to know more on why age is such a factor, go here.

Thanks for taking the time to view this giveaway and the effort and money I put into it. Go ahead, enter and get your chance at owning this laser! :smiley: If you have any questions, feel free to post and ask.

Note: If you have entered/are going to enter, please post in the thread. This is to keep the thread fluctuating with the new posts around the forum smoothly. I’d like everyone to get the opportunity to see this thread and enter. Thanks.

Sweet giveaway man, entered for sure.

I’m going to keep this open since you already made it and put in the effort but I will warn you that (until further notice and confirmation) we may not allow you to do this.
I know you want an age restriction but it’s too hard to confirm. There is no way to know whoever wins understands how harmful these lasers can be if not used properly.

This sounds liek an epic giveaway. Must be a part of it :smile:

I want.

I already have approval for this to be here. When I have questions or need collaboration, I go directly to the penultimate decision maker, not up the ladder. Eliminates time and the “grapevine” effect. :wink:

I did not include the details on my confirmation of age to the public, as it only pertains to the winner. If you would like, I’ll fill you in via PM or just chat me on FB and we can talk about other funny ****


I entered even though I doubt ill win and I really have no use for one these.

Before I enter, what exactly would you use lasers like these for? Or are they more of just a hobby because they are cool. I would enter but I feel like I wouldn’t have a use for them, and I wouldn’t trust leaving it at home while I’m at college (probably can’t have one in my dorms) because my younger brother might get his hands on it, even if I hid it, and I don’t have anything to lock it up with. I’ll probably just stay away and pass but I was just curious. I mean they seem cool and I’ve always been interested but I don’t want to enter if I feel like I will never use them for anything.

I entered only because $20 says the winner is going to be younger than 18.

! Entered !
Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all!

Thank you for this epic giveaway, good sir.

Good luck to all.

Entered, I’ve always wanted to try one of these out.

Check Travis with his big boy pants on, so cute.

Thanks for the giveaway Lolvo, after reading some of the threads you and Cheater have been posting, I’ve been intrigued to try out a laser, this giveaway should I win, would be the perfect avenue to have a go.

Good luck to everyone else and in particular the handful of legitimate 18 year olds. :wink:

There is no real practical use for these, unless you are a professor of Astronomy. They are purely for fun and enjoyment…a rare few amount of people you show them to have ever seen such a thing, and never at this power level. At the core, they are just fun to look at, experiment with, and show others. A good party/chill piece to entertain and show off to friends and family. It really just comes down to personal interest in science, energy, and light.

Thanks bud, hope you win it then! :sunglasses:

Entered lol

I want it please. I have no use for it, but want it haha


We can make a Star wars movie Yey!

Looks sweeeeet! Hope I win :smiley:

Nice. That leaves about 30 members to enter the contest. :laughing:

Would you be shipping internationally or is it just US?