win10 pro and horizon? (yes another one)

so for xmas i was good and got both next gen consoles. fired up the one yesterday and noticed my girlfriends profile was missing. i have a backup and went to use horizon, have used many times in past. so i have tried 3 different version of horizon, i can only get one to work and its stuck in offline mode and wont read usb(have formatted and then formatted with xbox). tried the newest horizon and horizon pops up and then disappears or it wont show at all.
win10 64 bit pro
all net framework installed
ran as admin, have compatibility checked all the wat to XP serv. pack 3
windows defender is all i have for AV.
any suggestions?

when i run the newest horizon as admin i watch task manager for anything and i see com surrogate run as process for about a second then goes away. there is no notice in windows defender and i have made a folder, and a .exe exception

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I’m pushing an update tonight with a few possible fixes, but it sounds like all of these startup errors are related to something in the framework or with the program we use to protect Horizon from reverse engineering. It’s really difficult to trace and log.

thanX guys, sorry for late response. dealing with internet issues but mostly sorted now. yes i have been around the block a few times. anyone remember NMP&CXE halo.
i have learned and enjoy fixing it myself, you usually learn a lot more that way.
just wish it worked, could be nteresting since i have XBone and the slim

dumb, forgot to ask is there a log i can post?

@Frank and bews of a update? Not pushing just been busy fugure i would ask i .case i mussed something.

The update was pushed that night - apologies for not updating you. You can download it here:

There’s a slight chance it will fix startup issues.

Thank you. NP

The only problem I have is the device being recognized by the app.

strange as i broke out my old pc, win10 pro im pretty sure 64bit machine, but i might be running 32bit. worked fine, sucks i have to use 2 pc’s lol

well i deleted horizon and gave up. then i stumbled across a moddio and fix for win10 and it worked. so i was like “omg” so i gave horizon another try. not sure if its the moddio fix that fixxed horizon, but its now fully operational on win10 pro 64bit.
thanx guys.

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well had to refresh pc and nor i cant find modio fox and horizon isnt working again. have to fond that again dang it