Windows 10 on Xbox One Is Called “OneCore;” it’s “Highly Customized;”

[/img]During the latest episode of Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s Podcast, Director of Program Management, Xbox and Windows Platform Mike Ybarra gave some more information about Windows 10 on Xbox One, also talking about some of the goodies waiting Microsoft fans in the near future.

Here’s a summary of what he mentioned:


Vidya -

  • Announcing backwards compatibiity at E3 was an “amazing moment for the fans and for the team.”
  • The Xbox Platform team is responsible for everything outside of the games. The System software, the monthly features, the services, the preview program and more.
  • There’s a “Lot of Change” coming with the new Xbox One experience, so Microsoft wants to be more mindful and more respectful of the fans and of what they expect from them in the preview program.
  • While only a select few will get in the preview program for the new Xbox One experience at the beginning, the team want to grow it overtime “as big as they can.” The preview program is designed to help the team engineering products, so they’ll let in as many people they need to make the product great when it releases to everybody.
  • The reason why it won’t be released to everyone is because at the beginning some features simply won’t work. Ybarra has been testing it for four months, and four months ago, no one wanted to test it, because it was so early in development.
  • The single thing the team has been most focused on is making the UI “super fast and responsive.
  • The version of Windows 10 that is going to be included on the Xbiox One is actually a “highly customized” version of the OS. It’s called “One Core.” It was built specifically around the features needed by those who use the Xbox One.
  • The team has spreadsheets with comparison data on how long it takes to execute tasks on Xbox 360, on Xbox One today and with the new Xbox One experience. With some features, it’s 50% faster and easier to get things going.
  • The new Xbox One experience is also very different for developers, that will be able to directly communicate with users announcing patches, calling votes on features and so forth.
  • The team is working on a range of new accessibility features to make sure that the broadest audience possible can engage with the console.
  • The usage of the Xbox One app on Windows 10 is high, and the team is getting a lot of feedback. They’re thinking about starting a preview program for that as well.
  • According to Ybarra, the fans have done an “Incredible job” in guiding the team towards what they want, so concluded by thanking all of those who helped.

OneCore and all the goodies coming with it, will be released to the general Xbox One fanbase in November. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Looking forward to this big time.