Windows 10, Who is all moving to it?

I know I will be. Out on the 29th and I’ll be downloading the Windows 10 Pro version. After I get the ISO I’ll be doing a fresh install of it over my SSD to clear out a lot of unnecessary junk.

Looking forward to it.

I, or someone, has got to persuade me to leave Windows 7 yet.

I won’t be. I am waiting a little bit to see what it’s like.

I will be downloading windows 10 and installing i think it will be better than windows 8

I’ll be getting it. Can’t wait to see how well game streaming is going to be from Xbox One! Anyone else looking forward to that?

I’ve been using the preview for the last 6 months and love it

The game streaming works quite well even considering I was trying to stress test if with a old 2008 toshiba laptop over wifi with downloads going on over my network and it still held up quite well to my surprise, basically it comes down to your questions of stability and streaming quality, the easy way to put this is if your computer is hard wired the stream will be better than over a wireless network, the quality of video will mainly depend on your computers gfx card… Now again I was using a old laptop and it was still a really good experience to have my laptop in my living room and my xbox one 50 feet away in the bedroom with both over a wireless network

I’m sorry about the double post my phone refreshed as I was posting

I’m rather excited. It’s sucks since the laptop I just got is Windows 8.1, so my 8.1 experience lasted 2-3 weeks.

Depends, Will Windows 7 applications work on w10?

I will be.

All windows 8 and 7 apps I have been using works fine

yes, and if they don’t, there is always compatibility mode

May I get windows 10 without wiping my data…? or no

Once I receive my notification that Windows 10 is available for installation, I’ll be making the transition.

Yep I will be getting it.

Whats Windows 10 pro or whatever?

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If you install it as a upgrade it will just move all the unneeded files to a Windows old file so you can pick an choose what you want, it will keep all your files if you do a upgrade, but if you do a fresh install it will wipe all files so best bet is to backup all files that you want before a fresh install

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Looks like they got rid of photo viewer as well; in favor of the Photos app. I don’t think it’s a big deal now that the apps run inside windows instead of full screen.