Windows 10

Is Horizon compatible with Windows 10?

Yes Horizon is compatible with W10.

I have an issue. When i try to save a file after modding I get an error saying: An error has occurred while writing back to the loaded Package! If you see a developer, the following message will help him resolve the issue: The process cannot access file ‘F:\Content\E00005F95A6EBDA6\4D530910\00000001\ForzaProfile’ because it is being used by another process.

I would like to get some insight on what the process is that is using the ForzaProfile mentioned above. I don’t what program/s could be using this, but it is something and I never had this problem on Win7 or Win8. I am running Win10 now and the thread does say it is compatible.

Thank you.

I had a problem with Horizon not reading my USB stick myself after having used the program for years updating rosters for 360 sports games. After repeated attempts to get Horizon to read the stick even running as admin I finally got Horizon to read the stick.
I have updated rosters for both the PS3 and 360 and have come across something new at least for the 360. When you open the file explorer on the computer I had always gotten PS3 SAVEDATA to show on the comp. Previously when I would open a stick containing a 360 roster it would be blank. This wasn’t a problem. Horizon or Modio for that matter would always open the roster and allow me to rehash/resign and use the updated roster on my game.
Now for some reason when I open file explorer on my computer with a blank USB stick configured on my 360 I see
Anyone know why this would happen?

Works fine for me

I’m having the same problem, I am running windows 10 as well

Are you guys running the program as an administrator?

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