Windows 7 Service Pack 1 horizon update?

does anybody knows when this will be? My horizon isnt even working saying thats its not a compatible application, and my diamond runs out on the 11th this month and thats going to be a waste.

Anybody help me out?

It works with SP1 right now. Can you take a screenshot of the error?

It should work now, delete your current Horizon program and redownload it here.

XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon

ok i will give that a shot right now
and for the screenshot, i will take
just when i try to open up horizon a pop up window would scan for the problem and say thats its incompatible application

Did you delete it and download it again? The auto-updater doesn’t work if you have SP1, I had to redownload. I got the same error opening it with SP1.

yea i have sp1 but even when i compatible it, it only says windows 7. theres no other windows 7 there

Yea i deleted it and re-downloaded it plenty of times and i get the same thing

Not exactly sure what you’re trying to say, but you’re not supposed to run it in compatibility mode.

well when i download it, i open it and that popup comes out. then i heard that you can change the compatible mode for it to use other then windows 7, which is what i meant i will put a pic up. Youll see what i mean.

Try unchecking the box for compatibility mode? I don’t know, but it’s worth a try.

How many seconds is the loading logo up before it crashes?

Turn compatibility mode OFF.

ok i just tryed it once i got home and this time when i clicked it probably about 20 seconds in, a pop up came out and it was updating, it didnt finish and the screen came out again saying… i forgot, its in that pic i uploaded

says horizon has stopped working

Updated mine, and everything is working great…I did though delete Horizon first, do the update, then re install Horizon

This is od. I have Sp1 on one of my computers and from memory it works on it. I turned OFF compatability mode i think. Not sure if you need me to test something i will.

wait how do you update horiizon without having it installed?
i think thats what i need

By re downloading it from here: XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon

Also uncheck compatibility. There is no reason to keep running in compatibility mode.

FTW got it to work with windows 7 SP1 so you have to redownload it thanks cheater =)