Windows 7 Theme

Sharing right here a Theme pack.
i think its Benefit for workers.

[u][/u]Specials(Theme Changes):[b][/b]

  • Lines(Top, Left, Right, Bottom) of Windows Size Decreased.
  • Windows Buttons Size Decreased: Minimize, “Maximize” (‘Restore Down’), Close.
  • Default(white or None) Windows Background Color Changed To Dim Gray.
  • Fonts: Bold.
    -Color: white (Lightning white) Only On Windows Bars and Programs Bars. and Other By Default(Black or None(white)).
    -Size: Default.


  • [details=Click Me]


  • [details=Click Me]


[u][/u]Download ThemePack:[b][/b]
Download The ThemePack

Screenshots aren’t in the spoilers !

Okey i will psot it with out spoilers.
Thanks for alert.

Upload the Images to an image hosting site like Imgur instead of using Google user content then we will be able to see them.

like labogani said, upload your screenshots to imgur (or similar) and then copy the “BBCode (message boards & forums)” link.
And what do you mean with wight? “Wight is a Middle English word, from Old English wiht, and used to describe a creature or living sentient being. It is akin to Old High German wiht, meaning a creature or thing.”

I assume that he/she means ‘White’ and has spelt it this way as he has difficulty spelling or he/she is learning English now as it is not his mother tongue as he/she is from a country that doesn’t have English as it’s main language.

How is it now?

Its showing up now but you could delete the “Link:” parts. Anyway, it looks a lot better now and thanks for uploading this.