(windows app) Change the width of scrollbars

in the windows app (running windows 10) the scrollbar is almost impossible to click due to it’s width.
I get it, i’m also a sucker for aesthetics, but this isn’t that user friendly.
It would be nice if there was an option to change the width to default or at least as wide as a mousecursor.


Hello @BLiNNeMaNS I’m seeing here this is the first time you post, so welcome to our community!

I understand your opinion but I think this is something very personal, it depends on each person. I particularly like the app design and it looks like they did the best layout, but as I say, It’s my opinion.

Just a tip:


You can also put on fullscreen and literally click outside the screen, mouse click will focus on the last showing thing (scrollbar).

Best Regards.

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cute… not sure why you’re trying so hard to make me look like a noob, but you don’t have to explain to me how a mouse works.

That’s not the point of this post anyways. it’s a suggestion, written in the suggestions area. Because that’s what the area is for:
if you stumble upon something that can be improved, you share it with the devs.
it may have been my 1st post here, but it’s not the 1st tool or forum i use.

In my situation, the remote airmouse i use in the livingroom doesn’t have a scrollbutton, it’s just a simple remote with a touchpad, single touch, so no scrolling. Also it doesn’t have a keyboard other than the one on screen, so i can’t use alt-tab, page up/page down or arrowkeys either.

so in short: the tip on the scrollwheel was redundant

The fullscreen tip would indeed work for the scrollbar, but only on the outside and and only in a multi monitor setup, beside the fact some games switch to black screen after returning from an alt-tab, games without vSync would be switching back and forth between fps modes.

the design however also uses iframes, so there’s parts of the UI that remain hard to reach.

On a more personal note, beside stating i’m a sucker for aesthetics, there’s not a single part in this post that’s “an opinion” or “very personal”…
(*see how i used “” to focus on the word? much nicer than the textile equivalent of shouting.)

again, i’m not looking for a solution for my personal problem.
no clue why you can’t understand i’m not looking for help or a workaround, but merely sharing my findings with the devteam to improve wemod.

the sole purpose of the suggestions forum is to improve the app.

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