Windows xp support

why wont horizon start on windows xp?

Okay I am just gonna type you a couple options you can try to fix the problem and hopefully one of them work for you.

Let Horizon through your firewall by doing the steps below.

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Go to the control panel located in the contents of the “START” button, I have Windows 8.1 so please bare with me.

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Now “SEARCH” for “FIREWALL” in the search bar in the control panel.

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You should get a image like this.

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Now you just wanna “CLICK” the option "Allow an app (program) through Windows Firewall"and you should come to a screen similar to this.

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When you reach this screen you just wanna “CLICK” the option “CHANGE SETTINGS” shown here.

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Now just “CLICK” the option “Allow another app…” and you should come to a screen similar to this one.

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When you come to this screen just “SCROLL” down the list of programs on your computer and find Horizon, it should look like this.

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Just “SELECT” the Horizon program and [i]“CLICK”[/i] the option “ADD” to allow Horizon through your firewall.

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Now make sure you “CHECKED” “PRIVATE” and “PUBLIC” access, then press “OK.”

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Turn you antivirus off

No matter what antivirus you have, make sure you turned your antivirus off. Sadly I don’t have any antivirus programs on my computer to show you exactly how to turn it off, but I can tell you a quick tutorial on how to do it.

With any antivirus program it is simple to turn it off, just “OPEN” your antivirus software and “CLICK” the “SETTINGS TAB” every antivirus program has one (I am pretty sure) and in the settings tab you can disable your antivirus.

If these fail uninstall Horizon and then reinstall and download the newest version of Horizon from this link [Horizon v2.8.0.1.exe]

If all this fails for you, I will go on “Teamviewer” with you and help you fix the problem hands on.

Here is a little about the program:

Teamviewer is a program that let’s me take control of your computer to help you with your problem. The program is 100% safe you can stop me from controlling your computer at anytime.

Download Teamviewer

Why do you assume windows XP is the issue?

the reason i think its windows xp is because it was made in 2002 and might not be able to support that type of program

wrong reply

my pc wont let me in the firewall