WIRED 360 controller doesn't want to connect

I have a problem with my WIRED controller as when I plug in my controller into the console or PC, it turns on for like a split second then the green lights turn off. It was working fine yesterday.

reinstall the drivers? maybe its just a loose connection?

drivers on a xbox?
i would say that it is wire problem. this happened with my razer onza, although it nicer than microsoft controller, its not as high of quality. i would say sounds like your wire is bad D: or all you usb ports are bad lolol

I’d say a connection issue. Plug it in and fiddle with it, I have sometimes have the same problem.

Try moving the wire around where it goes into the controller or near the usb port. If it cuts in and out with connection that would mean the wires inside are damaged. Find where the specific spot is, and you might need to cut that inch or less of damaged wire off and do some soldering. Wrap back up with electrical tape or shrink tubing

Disasembly:Xbox 360 Wired Controller Dissassembly

Soldering work: Controller Cord Repair

Was this fixed?

Try a different controller to determine if it is your USB ports or not.

same thing happened. disconnect everything from your xbox and then plug everything back in and hold the X button on the controller. should work now

Have you tried using the usb port in the back of the console?

try wrapping your wire round your controller once then starting it, also try something else n the usb slot to see if that is the problem.