Witcher 3 crash

so ive been trying witcher 3 for a while, and sometimes while using the trainer it crashes, i guess it needs an update, im not sure. i have it on steam without the dlc. :slight_smile: just figured id let you know. :smiley:

Which cheats exactly cause the crash ?

i usually use the inf rage, neverdie, inf grenades, ignore crafting reqs, toggle unlimited durability, infinite gold, and infinite breath, also unlimited horse stamina, and minimum horse fear, always win at gwent, not sure which one it is that doesnt work. i have a suspicion its neverdie coz i turn that on and off sometimes, and the game hasnt crashed when it was off before. but i dont know for sure.

Always win gwent should be enabled during the match and disabled before ending it


Iā€™m using only Never Die and the game freeze the image, if I do Alt + tab the game closes, but no crash report. is there any update fixing it?