With all the Borderlands 2 modding

Anyone having issues joining online games?
I am getting stuck on “Sending Character Data To Host” on the characters I “modded” using Gibbed’s mod tool…

My legit Character is joining fine, I have tried to reload a savegame that I didn’t use that tool on also and still getting stuck on that screen.

So not sure if it’s the Mod Tool, or if it’s something else…

If I host the match everything is fine however…

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

What level?
As far as I know, you can only join peoples games who share the same/close level. So if everyone is on a low level account, playing legit, and restarting everytime they get to level 50 - You’ll never connect to anyone? lol

Level 50, joining my friends level 50 game…

I haven’t had problems at all. Maybe it’s a connection problem?

Not true… You can join anyone’s game despite level or game progression.

OP: You have most likely “over”-modded your save.

Can you? Well, I’ve only played BL2 with Fat Pats 150 chr, so that could explain a lot.

Yea. There has been many of time where I used a character with an over-modded backpack and the host couldn’t handle the character data. Joining someones game depends on the hosts upload connection, if your character data exceeds the hosts upload connection you wont be able to join.

Hmm, well, not sure how I could have “over modded” as I only modded the level of my character along with some money and skill points…oh well, I got a save to work, but that does sound like a logical answer. Thanks.

There is no “over modding”. You have to select a level 50 character to join with. Then before you enter the game, press Y to change to your modded level character and there you go.

Sometimes this happens when the host is away or in combat, It doesnt allow you to join until the combat has finished or the host of the game starts to move again, Its a bug with the new update.

Umm No, I join people’s games all the time with a 51+ character…