Wont log in

for so me reason it wont log into the computer app I just did a fresh res install of windows 10 fully updates

Can you elaborate?

I open the client and it just says there was a prob. logging in and I leave it open at some point during the day it will some times work I got a fresh new copy of windows 10 installed and updated it. I got 32 gigs of ram and ryzon 1800x and a 2080 ti . not sure whats going on I also have issues with google chrome not loading web pages I tried re installing wemod a few times

This sounds like an internet issue you are having. Verify with your ISP that everything is functioning as expected. Could even be a bad ethernet cable if you’re wired or a faulty NIC card.

nope i fixed the issue i made a boot disc with the usb stick and the windows tool on the website and i did not use my disc i have to install windows 10 and for some reason it fixed the issue makes no sense lol

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Glad to hear that it’s resolved!

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