Word of warning they are banning people for glitched clan tags

My friend is an Xbox ambassador and lots of people have been to him asking why they are having an error on there game and it was the same ban error connection message from MW3 and they said that they went on a forum and seen the glitch and done it… Now they are banned.

You can decide to believe me or not, but it is your call… I have no hard proof that they are doing this, but my friend has said this and warned me.

I really want them too. Or at least fix it. I hate all these damn clan tags in the kill feed.

Sure it’s not for modding level 50 in spec ops? Lol

Banned for something built into the game? #Blame402.

Surely you cannot receive a ban, you aren’t modding or anything.
They would at least give you a warning regarding that they are banning people for having buttons and special characters in their clan tags. I have mine with a button but nothing’s happened to me. If they announce that they’re going to be handing out bans then I’ll consider removing mine but for now I’m keeping it.
I’m pretty sure they received a suspension regarding something else anyway.

They shouldn’t ban people but they should fix it cause its a in game glitch.

I’m going to go ahead and let you know that ambassadors don’t know ****. They are just there to get trolled. I don’t believe anyone has been ban for that yet since fourzerotwo hasn’t posted anything about it. They would release a patch and fix it before just banning.

Not the first time that a game has done that.

It is their fault they left in this ‘bug’. If this is such a big problem, they should of spent more time finding bugs than making 30 second trailers.

It has nothing to do with modding anything, why would they ban people for a mistake they made? It’s not even a game-breaking glitch, it’s no big deal.

You all say they won’t ban for in game exploits. None of you must not remember boosting, and glitches in black ops… Even if they don’t ban for these, which they more than likely won’t, they better patch it.

It’s a clan tag like really it’s there fault for not finding it. If i get banned for it then **** call of duty. There online sucks anyways


Online seems fine to me? If you ever get in a game with some scrub shooting and killing people with javelins. You’re in my game.

They’re is they are so it wouldn’t make sense

@OP I highly doubt bans for this would occur, ambassadors are idiots

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It sucks when your always doing good then the most decides he’s mad and rage quit and then the host can’t migrate…Witch has happen to me many times


I doubt ban