World of tanks?

I’ve been asked by a friend whether or not you can mod world of tanks is that something that can be done p

Pretty sure its impossible. Because its mostly if not all server based.

World of tanks is a freemium multiplayer game.

Even if they could make a trainer they wouldn’t, because they don’t support online cheating.

I’ve been doing research, it actually could be possible to get free gold. You know when you buy and download a gold pack it says it’s a larger file to download, but when you download it, it’s only 56 kb? Inside the pack is a New Text Document with a space in it. It’s 1 byte big. Anyone able to help me with this research? I can’t seem to edit or replace the text file.

I’m thinking that if someone can find and exploit the code the file may have, there could be free gold for everyone here.

No, I think the file would just show up as corrupted if you edited it.

What @sNaKe said.
Plus i bet that text file contain a serial code, are checked to the server.
If it dont contain the same on the server it will not be accepted.