Worms Ultimate Mayhem Save Editor

Game Title: Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Game ID: 58410AFD

Mods Wanted: Custom Weapons damage editor and money editor
Files Download Link: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Additional Comments: Hi, I just realised that the Worms Ultimate Mayhem save game is a text file with no criptografy (or at least a very simple one). As it’s a pretty fun game with a lot of things that can be cool to edit (like the damage value of a custom weapon), it might be a good idea create a tool for this game… :thumbsup:

Here’s a exemple of what can be done (made in a save game of the old PC version, there is also a tutorial on the description):

One more thing, the first savegame has $2810 of money…

Please read this and update your thread.

Can you upload the file?

Sorry for that, updated! :smile:

I would love to see this editor

link dead could you reupload it?