Would you buy it? (Android/Gaming device)

Me owning a Vita, I would probably get my hands on this if I was an Android user. If this device gets more support than an actual gaming system (PS Vita), that’ll be sad.

I like that. But as a phone, not so much.
If it was a stand alone device (strictly gaming) then i would be all over it.

Don’t use it as a phone then?

Why not just buy Nvidia Shield then?

Wow, I forgot all about the NVIDIA. Haven’t been seeing any new things nor anyone talking about it, so did it flop?

Because it would cost too much.

Forgot about that thing.

Im thinking it did.

Nope, not at all. The price on it is really attractive too, and if you are already a PC gamer it makes more sense to get it considering you can connect it to your steam.

Mobile gaming has never been appealing to me (though the Vita is pretty nice), so to answer your question, no I would not purchase it.

I’m not really sure who they’re aiming to market this to but it definitely seems like it’s inconvenient to carry around as a phone.

The Xperia Play was acceptable.

True, if the controls on the W3D were to be like those of the Xperia then it’d be much more aesthetically appealing.

I don’t like the design of this thing at all. Not to mention the battery life on it must be ridiculously short if it truly is dedicated to gaming.


I almost got one of these, but decided to spend that money on some better PC parts.

But still thinking about grabbing one, they look pretty fun.