Wow. just wow

i got Infinity a while back it worked great it was free and the cheats worked i go away a while and bam it’s we mod a pretty cruddy attempt at charging me 10 bucks a month for cheats i don’t mind supporting creators but dudes you guys are gouging hard.
i apologize for my spelling i have a spinal injury and the meds aren’t great sufficing to say.
some of you may like this and i don’t begrudge anyone for it but 10 bucks a month for offline cheats come off it no matter how you gussy it up.
inevitably i’ll get hate for this but i won’t be back to read it so i wish you all the best but ill use another free service. thank you kindly for the good times i had with your service prior.

WeMod is still free to use. Use the hotkeys on your keyboard to enable cheats.

Too bad he didnt stick around to find out wemod is still all free. Only charge for pro.
See ya when you come back. Every other place charges for their cheats

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Most of the ones I’ve run across don’t charge, but you have to scrounge the web for them and some sites are kind of sketchy and make me flee for other options. I like WeMod because its a one-stop-shop and has adequate options most of the time. I do really like the flexibility of CE, but the learning curve is high and unless your a whiz at lua, you’re at the mercy of someone else’s free time. I don’t have a problem paying for something that is worthwhile, but unless you’re using it often, I would have to agree with @fazer6r, fortunately this does indeed have a free option. $10/mo may be well worth it for someone who wants more say on what gets added/updated and wants the mobile app option, and I may go that track, we’ll see.

I doubt he’s going to come back here to read your post. Locking this now as i don’t see it will serve any purpose :woman_shrugging: