[WPF] What do you think about this design?

I am nearly finished with this project and the whole time I was confident about the design but now I’m beginning to doubt it, and I’m not sure why. I feel like I could take a more traditional route, but I don’t know!

So what do you think? This would be my very first project in WPF.


Notice: You do not have to point out to me that this is a keylogger and those aren’t allowed on here. It’s a picture, not a download.

I think that you need t enable all of the icons on the side instead of blurring them out. Other than that, it looks good!

Well, those are actually tab headers, so the idea is that the active tab is the non-blurred icon. So, the icons switch between blurred and not.

Instead of blurring them make the active one Black and the inactive a grey that is slightly darker than the bg

This. Blurry just looks too…blurry.

The image doesn’t show now…

Yea it does

Not for me

Oh…well now you see it lol

Yea that is weird. I even tried the URL directly and it wasn’t showing…

OT: It looks good do far.

Actually, it’s not showing for me now either. I think this happened to me a week ago too on a thread I made.

About a week ago?

I don’t get it :cry:

They be gettin all blurry and ****. Take the advice in this thread and do away with the blurry for something else. Otherwise, it’s looking good bud.

Yeah I’ve never seen that before, but okay.

Hi Mate,
I tried to have a Bo Peep a little while ago but there is nothing happening…