X1/X360 Vault of Glass Normal/Hard

Need 5 people level 27 or higher to do the vault of glass raid on the One or the 360. I will be doing it on both systems. I have gotten to atheon before and my entire team completed the raid without me so I am looking for a new team. Post which system you are on and I will send you a friend request.

I want to try and do the raid in a few hours. This is my first time doing it though so you’re gonna have to give me some instructions on what to do. My gamertag is: IAmTawsif
I’m on the 360

hey im only 26 but im almost 27 im on xbox 360 msg me if on xbox Gt: Bearslayer703 if i can join

Add me on x360 GT: EvilDark007
I’m level 28, warlock

My friend needs help doing the raid himself. He’s really good at Destiny. He’s a level 27 close to 28. He plays Xbox 360.
His GT: Jareks Brother

Level 27 Titan on the one. Lannon369. Never played the raid. Really want to

If people need extra people add me. I’m level 29 and have done the raid several times.

I’ll help out with raids. o IHorney89 o

Hunter 26, Xbox One

GT: xxUnKn0wN Sn1p4

Does anyone wanna try one soon? I need some experience in the raid as I’ve never tried it. Xbox one users that is

I’m away for the weekend cause it’s my girlfriends birthday. But if you want to try it Sunday night/Monday or even Tuesday add me. I’ll be sure to add you in my group.

Sounds great. I’ll add you now

I’m always down for the VoG, still need a raid helmet & boots to hit 30. I’m on 360, PM for gamertag.
I like the method where you push atheon off the map best though… So much easier.

You should definitely check out this guide.

Never done the raid.


360 and One either works. (More stable play on the One though)

Hit me up if you want to teach a noob.

McGowan Pride

Big thanks to the people who helped complete the raid with me. Now we get to try it on hard.

You guys already finished?
I just managed to get on xbox. :anguished:

I’m up for it on normal.

Same. I’ll be available for about 3 hours. Is there anybody else who wants to do normal with me? (Experienced raiders preferred)

I’ve never played it -_-. But I’m not a noob by any means. Invite me if you get a team,

GT: xxUnKn0wN Sn1p4

Yeah we got it finished. You have no idea how many people I had to track down just to do it. I will help you out once I am done with helping a friend ok?

Can you help me tomorrow? I don’t think I’ll have enough time to finish it today.