x360 key questions?

if you buy it can you use it online?
if you use it can u have an offline account, the unplug it and be able to play normal on xbox live?
is it worth the money?
will you get banned?


Pretty much, after they have a way of detecting it (they’ll find one), they will either issue an update, or collect information they can already obtain and ban anyone that uses it.

tl;dr Buy your damn games.

It’s completely pointless right now. No live available and you would just get banned. Just flash your console.

but that new update should be coming out soon. so no point in taking time to flash it.

Wit the new update coming out **** only knows what microsoft have changed and looking at the release date of x360 key im guessing that by the time everyone stuped enough to pay the $120 get there little shiney boxes they will be patched


Congratulations you just payed to get console banned :thumbsup:


But some points to be made, if it emulates a Xbox DVD drive then it might not be detectable for a while, perhaps you flash it with firmware, who knows?

Don’t buy it right away, wait for reviews and such.

This is a cheap way of emulating a jtag in someways, it still does not allow you to run unsigned code (mods / hacked xex files) and is way over priced for what it can do. Plus it wont let you run homebrew apps such as freestyle dash etc. My opinion: Leave this **** alone, put your money in a bank account, save up and buy a jtag :smile: I have one their awesome.

What? Nothing like a JTAG…
The JTAG hack wasn’t made for the sole intention of pirating games.

As a matter a fact, thats the last thing they were intended for.
People that research and devote their time to reverse engineering a console don’t do it with the purpose of allowing people to pirate games.

Its an expensive way of drive flashing…

In the sense that it allows you to run games without a disc it is like a jtag.

A JTAG doesn’t, an XEX loader does.
XEX Menu allows you to run a game without a disc. Not the JTAG.

And xex menu is used to access the hack allowing you to run games with no disc, so it is still the jtag that has the ability to run games with no disc and xex menu just unlocks that ability.

Again not true.
Same thing with Geohot and the jailbreak.

A jailbreak is the same thing as the JTAG hack.
Allows you to run unsigned code. XEX Menu is the same as the PS3s boot managers.
People were against them because it promoted piracy. The JTAG hack wasn’t made to run games of the HDD. Lol. It was made to run homebrew games and applications.

All XEX Menu is, is an application, it was around before the JTAG hack.
XEX Menu doesn’t access any hack…

ok well I was told otherwise, thanks for informing me

You can use it online its just a different method to game from a different storage route in the USB
Not sure on second question
It is deffinatley worth the money providing you dont get ripped off lol RRP = $99
It is possible to be banned however I highly doubt it

Another optical drive emulator is being released! And claims to be half the price of x360 key.

XODE: Another Xbox 360 Optical Drive Emulator Announced | Xbox360-Hacks :: Hack your Xbox 360

honestly i would buy it and use it for offline :smiley:

Do you know this website, x360keys.com ?
They have one sale promotion, if you subscribe their website, you can get one free x360key.

personaly i think its worth the money and its an amazing idea. I didnt no microsoft could ban you from running a game off a usb drive…

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