[XB1] - Destiny: Weekly Nightfall (DLC), Daily, and maybe power-levelling

I’m going to be online in the next hour. Just posting this up to hopefully get some responses on time.

You need the new dlc for the nightfall. Have you bought it? If so, I’ll be on tomorrow to do it.

Yea I got them both now.

Anyone else want in? I’m online as I post this.

Okay nice. I will run through crota with you. Then we can do everything else. I’ll message you when I’m on.

Going to be online in the next hour, still up to help?

Yeah bro. I won’t be on for long though

I got your message! I now know why you haven’t been replying :laughing: you got my message right?

I’m in my sitting room looking at the Xbox app waiting for you to go on lol my phone is in my bedroom. I haven’t checked it.

That explains it! I just had to put my daughter to bed, will be on shortly.

Just sent you an invite

I don’t think I’m going to go on. I’m falling asleep. Il will be on tomorrow after 7 and all day Tuesday.

Damn! No problem.

Session is open and active again! Prison of Elders as well…