[XB1] - GTA: Online Heists

STATUS: Closed

(When the session is closed, I’m still open for future applicants. This thread will updated when I’m next online.)

Currently open and looking for two to play “Prison Break”. Message me on Twitter or via a PM if i don’t respond immediately.

I’m currently just in a session waiting for my friend to join so You can join in before the job if you want to.

PM me your GT we can parteh


I am around if you need me.

Have only been able to do 1 heist so far because I got no one to play with.

The session is full at the moment, if a spot comes up I will let you know.

What’s your GamerTag again?


Have you 3 others?

At the moment, I only have two (me included) and I thought you can be our number 3 for next time and our time zones are the same which helps me out a bunch!

hi i know this may be off subject but i was wondering if you could help me? im tryin to mod my online character through the horizon app, but im not sure how?

You can not modify your online profile using Horizon.