[XBL] Modded/10th Lobby - Right Now, Free!

All done.

Use Brizzle’s tree patch: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Btw real cool that you’re doing this, best of luck to you.

Too bad KV’s only last 30-40 minutes.

Still fun, come on in if you want. (:

Invite Pro RushHD

I will pass but vouch for you because I know you have a jtag and I love your program.

AmP ReacT
I got the invite :smiley:


Come play!

invite xD Genicidex

You have to friend me, I am doing a lot of things at once,

Oh BTW KB’s Tree Patch is the best!

This guy is legit join!

Is there any chance we can play some Zombies?

Are you sharing that KV? I would love to share it with you.

thanks for invite

Sorry guys, if I go offline, it is because of my crappy internet…

Sorry but I have to go
Nice of you to host a lobby though

Ok, this is destroying my connection lol… I sometimes lag out.
Spots are also filling up quick.

Will you share your KV :smile:

What are the infections