(XBLA)How to make downloaded XBLA games work

Hi, I have download 2 XBLA games
1: Spelunky
2: BloodForge

I have transfered both games via Horizon into flash drive in games dirctory
I have also transfered games via Horizon into XBOX Hitachi (250GB) drive aswell
But both are showing corrupted

Is it ownership issue? or do I need to mode / patch file ? is this is so how can I do this?

I have downloaded games via torrent on varified and vip users so files seems okay but something todo with ownership or profiles I am really not sure.

Please advise.


You have to change the console id on both of them.

Maybe I missed something but, do you have a modified console?

He is talking about the game not the save.

You cannot simply move arcade games onto your console and have them work

It’s an ownership issue. You can’t just put the files on your HDD, when you purchase a game it is signed to your account and to your console, your games won’t be signed. There is a profile glitch allowing you to play XBLA and GOD games but I think it’s patched.

Edit: Patched.

Update 19/03/2012
Free DLC/arcade has been patched, however you can use drm free dlc and arcade games which do not require a Profile or any specific license

old tut


You’re correct it is patched.

Thank you Guys for your response.

@ Chris Webby
How do I do this?

@ xl Autrix lx
Yes it is modified LT3.0, I have burned coupl of DVDs from ISO and also some copies from local shop and all works pretty well… just trouble with XBLA, I tried XBLA theif but it is not connecting server everytime I try.

Yes you are right, I am not fan of game saves lol, I am definately talking about complete XBLA game files.

@ Elliot
Thank you Elliot, I had this doubt already in my mind.
I am not sure about GOD games I will go through this shortly.
and yes you are right. anyway to edit those games as Chris Webby mentioned?

@ Resigner
so How do I do this fix?

There is no way a retail console will play downloaded Arcade/DLC, Never going to happen. The only way to get them is buy them or ask a friend to license transfer them…Or get a jtag

How to find that my console is JTAG or not ? as I remember guy were telling me about dashboard Dashlaunch 3.0 before it was 2.0 when I purchased from a friend.

You can play purchased content if your NON modded console is connected.
You CAN play DRM content simply by transfering but not non drm, and in order to play anything non drm you would need to license transfer.
It may change in a few years when a new microsoft console is announced and 360’s life expectancy goes down the toilet like the xbox original (Possibly) but I wouldn’t expect anything to change this for a few years

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