XBLA Thief v1.0.3.1

Hi all,

New here , Anyone have the last version of this update, I try update it on my PC but error message, and try and downloading any game just leads to 0kb download in winrar .

Even though firewall is off and AV program .

Only the drm-free games I’m looking for is just PAC-MAN .

Any help guys ?

Cheers all .

PS: some links are well gone as is old topic.

Sorry last topic was closed - https://www.horizonmb.com/threads/90242-Question-XBLA-Thief?p=1426205&viewfull=1#post1426205

Anyway after a bit of hard looking around managed to find a copy, and uploaded it here for you guy’s .

XBLA Thief v1.0.3.1.rar | MEGA ]

Here’s some other stuff for you guys, be-four they are lost for good xd .

Xlast for Xbox360 games, Was a very very to find on Goggle!, Few So finally found a copy and uploaded for you guys .

(XLAST Xbox 360 games editor) 2.0.21076.0 | MEGA

And finally latest version of Le Fluffie App

Le Fluffie App | MEGA

Anyway I’m still remaining the same issue on XBLA thief , If anyone knows how to fix this issues please let us know ?.

Are have you have xbox 360 original PAC-MAN in drm-free , please upload for us are by PM :smile: .

Cheers guys, and thanks - glad to be here .

XBLA Thief was took offline when Microsoft patched modded profiles.

Thanks Seth!