Xbox 360 Achievements Reset

Recently my xbox 360 achievements got reset (I used horizons unlocker), I didn’t really know what I was doing and I ended up unlocking all of them. Is there a way to get them back?

If you have been reset. Nope.
It is synced to Xbox Live and its no way we can help you.

Well on my Main Account CherryKombat I download a 3rd party program which i cant mention rules or something look around for 3rd party one aka other mod tools some hack certain types of unlockers i was reset and just remodded them and didnt get banned or reset

Uh, you was reset and now you are not because of a modding tool?
What type? Dont think Frank will give you the ban hammer because mention a modding tool.

I used Both Horizon and Modio what i did was corrupted my profile and then re downloaded it and then use a tool it was like 2 years ago i think it was something XZ and i bought the tool from a website and i remodded all my old achievements back

Both are good at corrupting tbh i used horizon to corrupt it lol

I know what i was doing