Xbox 360 cd stains and water mark splotches etc

Hello friends, I have a small problem. I bought Batman: Arkham City yesterday and after not even playing it for 2 hours I noticed a stain that looks just like the pic below. I have gone through all of my 360 games (over 60) and some of them have it as well. These discs have never gave me any problems but I’m trying to figure out if these games are arriving like this or if its my 360 console…does anyone have any info on this? Is there any safe way of removing them? I’ve been looking around the internet and seen wine, spirits, toothpaste with a nice scrubbing paper but I do not want to further damage my discs. I’ve also read about dvd rot and color manipulation because of packaging and cd case. Thanks in advance.

When ever I had problems with my disc, I used Toothpaste and surprisingly it worked well.

If your disc reads don’t worry about it. It is just from it getting hot I think.

I was also going to say this, if your console is reading them fine and nothing is broken, then don’t try to fix it.

Like Chris said if it works I wouldn’t mess with it, my MW2 is like this as works perfectly fine.

However, I have it installed on my HDD (along with all my games) which my help in my situation. If you don’t have it installed to your HDD and have the room I recommend doing so in case the problem gets worse over time.

I agree with not broken/ don’t fix it but if this really is from the heat (which I hope not) then I need to get a new xbox. I hadn’t even played the game for 2 hours…

Did it remove stains like the pic above?

Don’t worry about it. It’s the heat. Look at a disk before you burn something to it, then look at it after, it’s the effect the heat has on it. It doesn’t effect the game coding.

It never stained like that, but when I had scratches and got the error message “Can’t read” it would fix it.

Is there anyway to remove it though? It sucks having something “burned” the first day you buy it…I am very careful and protective with my discs and have xbox 360 games from back in late 2005 with no scratches or stains…would hate to “give in” to this now.

There’s nothing wrong with it? Why do you want to mess with it and possibly break it when it isn’t really a problem in the first place?

Ever heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”?

thats how my mw2 was when i bought it

Yes, look at post 6. The problem with this is that if it heated to the point of staining within just 1 and a half hours of playing- what will happen when I do one of my 10+ sessions? I’m sure you would feel the same way about a game you JUST bought as well. It isn’t acceptable.

Not really, it has never bothered any of my games and I’ve had gaming sessions on one game for 12 hours+

And I believe there isn’t much you can do to it.

Will be doing some “experiments”- I will keep you bros updated.

Thanks to all.

I have come to the conclusion that games are actually coming with this “stain” and I’m returning this to wal mart tomorrow for a new copy. Check your games the first time you open them guys…what seems to be a bit of discoloration and scratches can be a problem down the road.

One of my games has that. I think it’s where the layers of the disc don’t go together all the way or separate ever so slightly to where it shows that ‘stain’ but still reads.