Xbox 360 Controller Stencils

I’m planning on spraying custom controllers in the not so distance future and i was looking for some printable controller stencils to spray over my controller but i cant find any anywhere!

If someone could send me a link to some or even make me some and if you make me some i personally will love you and probably donate to you!


Message to staff: If you see someone has sent me a link don’t close my thread because most likely i will want some other ones.

i dont think there is you can take part of a card board box and block off areas you don’t want sprayed though

i know… i could also cut bits of tape up into the pattern i want but to time consuming

Sound’s like a beast idea, i going to do some searching to see if i can find any (: Let you know if i do.

no matter what its honestly gonna be time consuming because paint on controllers has to be left alone for 18 hours and then you can paint another area

Thank dude. if i might draw around the controller and buttons and shiz on paper and then scan it in and edit on comp

Even that sound’s good.

they have stencils over at mycustomxbox

links would be good mate

All i could find

i just found this i could probably make some my self :smile: