Xbox 360 custom gamerpicture

Hey guys , can someone help me please , anybody knows how to put custom gamerpics on XBOX360 that my friends are able to see it ? does anybody knows a method for that ? if so , please explain me detailed !

It isn’t possible anymore.

but why ? if there is any other method out there can somebody help me

A software company worth ~507 billions have had 13 years to design the xbox OS, that’s why.

sorry , i didn’t get it , why it cannot be done anymore?

Because they patched the only method of doing it.

aww , i bought that camera just for this , sad , anyways , i heard comments on youtube about a method from 2015 that everyone not only friends can see without using the vision camera

There’s still a way to upload custom images not taken by a camera, but I don’t know if you can set it as your public pic.

But is there a way at least my friends can see it ?


There’s a way, but I don’t know how off the top of my head.